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ProjeTAS sets focus on human and environment in its operations. We want to ensure for all to have equal access to resources and to live in dignity in the World. We believe in reliability and commitment. Therefore, we work hard to get good results. It is important for us to have a clear insight on the current problems of the world and accordingly develop policy suggestions and consultancy services to change the world for better.


Development Projects

Environment and infrastructure

Clean Energy


Sustainable Infrastructure

Climate Resilience

Sanitation and Public Health

Water Resource Management

Sustainable Mobility and Transport

Agriculture and Rural development

Sustainable Agricultural Production

Access to Food

Agricultural Productivity

project management

Procurement Services

Financial Management

Risk Assessment

Solar Panels

Project Implementation

ProjeTAS built up a huge bank of expertise in the delivery of complex projects; our multi-disciplinary team possesses a wealth of experience and has access to the best project management resources.

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