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Environment and Infrastructure

ProjeTAS facilitates projects focusing on climate resilient investments and environmentally friendly infrastructures. We focus on sustainable infrastructure development, environmental impact analysis, climate change adaptation and mitigation, disaster recovery, circular economic applications, and renewable energy. We aim to improve climate adaptive safeguards both for urban and rural population and improve the livelihoods of the people. Our consultancy services focus on stakeholders, and we aim to improve policies for local communities and cities while we take into consideration safe, reliable and cost-effective methods and applications.


Agriculture and Rural Development

One of the main expertise of ProjeTAS is agricultural development. We are trying to understand the needs of the rural communities and create consultancy services for the people living in rural areas or for the people whose welfare dependent on agricultural productivity. As a result of climate change, we are aware that the agricultural lands are diminishing and the welfare of rural communities are reducing. Therefore, we aim to provide climate adaptive safeguards for agricultural lands, policies for increasing efficiency in agricultural production, equal and safe access to food for all groups in the society.


Project Management

PROJETAS has vast experience in project management services in all sectors and targets resolving complex planning and implementation challenges before they create a threat to beneficiaries, funders and implementing agencies against successful implementation and completion. PROJETAS is committed to provide services which are exclusive to clients’ needs and suitable for their project circumstances, enabling them to reach international standards through project management and evaluation. A unique strength of PROJETAS is its strategic management team specialized in projects’ fiduciary planning and management together with environmental and social safeguards’ management. Our core team of key professionals have experience on integrated management programmes, establishing links between policies, legal frameworks, and institutions.

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