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Nature Friendly Modern Building

PROJETAS is a company established with the objective of providing management and consultancy services for national and international IFI funded projects for Public & Private sector. We aim to provide consistent consultancy services to the project implementers of development sector.

In every project we involve, we committed to provide services to our clients, which are exclusive to their needs and suitable for their projects’ circumstances enabling them to reach international standards regarding project management and evaluation.

PROJETAS has the objective of focusing solely to consultancy sector by providing project management consultancy services for national and international IFI funded projects for the public sector, as well as private sector clients borrowing IFI funds for their commercial investments, PPP and BOT projects.

Our target area is to provide procurement support to its clients by the means of direct consultancy, capacity development by hand-on-trainings, conducting training sessions and project fiduciary supervision.


Sustainable Development


Policy making and advisory for conserving ecosystem for all societies and aiming climate change mitigation.


To reach people to ensure healthy lives, end poverty and fight inequality.


Help the communities to grow strong and sustainable. To reach inclusive and transformative economy


By enhancing capacities to obtain strong, inclusive institutions and safe and peaceful societies.


To catalyse global solidarity with our partners and stakeholders all around the world.

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